Is It Important To Review The “Normal” Way In Which Babies Come Into The World Today?

So much so that many women who have found free, harmonious and healthy ways to give birth, are determined to work as whatever it takes to disseminate options and information that, for various reasons, the medical system denies or limits.

The reason: although we would not have to fight to achieve it, we have to recover our right to live pregnancies, birth and postpartum without the constant fear of negative diagnosis and the probability of danger; safe from excess drugs and tests with various harmful effects; far from the feeling of insecurity and helplessness as they are considered in a continuous state of weakness, very close to illness.

And so it is also our right to experience these natural processes in a free, harmonious and healthy way, with the confidence of having a history of millions of years of women giving birth accompanied by the family, including mothers or grandmothers who are experts in the field.

After the wonderful gift of giving birth at home, in confidence, with my life partner and older daughter, with the force of a storm and a volcano inside me (a feeling that was present for many days), when I listen to stories of «normal» births of friends, peers and strangers, I enter in a deep state between rage and sadness, because what they describe are scenes of torture and mistreatment, worthy of any horror movie with blood, saws, white robes and hospital corridors.

That is why I decided to make an audiovisual story based on my experience, a documentary series (in post-production) that came from a video diary that I kept during my second pregnancy, birth and postpartum, a project that has been transforming and that grows more and more each day. Research and collaborations began to integrate into a network of testimonies, proposals of personal autonomy and analysis of issues related to the possibility of exercising a free and conscious motherhood, which today is a completely revolutionary act.

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